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2006 States


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Hey Johno, when do you think we will get the notice of race for the states? Shouldn't be to hard because it will be almost identical to the last states.

Do we need to put any motions to the committee now if we want them heard at the AGM? Do you need them in letter form?

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NOR should be posted soon. Since it is likely to be mostly the same as last year... just look at last years for now. The main difference is the start procedure will change to the standard starting procedure from the current blue book. Courses are the same as last year apart from the starting procedure.

It is better if any motion to be put to the AGM is in the form of a letter and sent to the Association Secretary. Also post it on the Forum for somment is a good idea.

I am not expecting to attend the Toukley State Titles or the AGM so it is better to send the letter to Judy.

My own vote in proxy will be against any change in skipper/crew weights or boat weights unless it is to lower or drop the skipper weight for youth skippers. I have changed my mind on this issue after hearing the arguments put forward on the forum and no longer support the idea of introducing a 90kg minimum weight for skippers of the new boats.... everyone should have the opportunity to sail one fo the new boats in future... not just the heavies smile.gif

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