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What is a good second boat to my NACRA 5.8?

Guest M3CONV

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Guest M3CONV

I currently own a NACRA 5.8 and enjoy it immensely, however, being such a big beast it is difficult to rig and crews are not always available. I was considering purchasing a second boat that can be sailed both single handed and 2up. I was thinking of the Taipan 4.9 but as I am not up to date with all the options I would truly appreciate any advice.

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I recently bought myself a Taipan 4.9 and sail it cat rigged. It is a hoot!! and at 97kg it is a breeze to move around the beach and I can easily put it on and off it's trailer on my own. The class is growing quickly as well with nearly 50 boats sailing in the last Australian Taipan 4.9 Sloop Championships.

Keep an eye out for the next Aus Sailing magazine as it will contain a feature on the 4.9.

You may also like to take a look at the National Taipan website:


or the Australian High Performance Catamaran's website:


You can even build your own Taipan. My Taipan is a homebuilt timber boat. The timber boats are as quick as the glass ones. Testimony to this is the fact that 12 out of the 13 cat rig Aussie titles have gone to timber boats.

The Taipan 4.9 is also a foundation boat of the Formula 16 High Performance class. This class includes a 4.9 with spinnaker in both the 2 up and 1 up configuration. By design these boats will be able to race F18 boats on elapsed time. There are increasing numbers of 4.9's being sailed with spinnakers in Australia and as far as I know all 4.9's outside Oz are being sailed with spinnakers. For more information about F16HP see the official website:


I hope this is of some help.

Rob Wilson

Taipan 4.9 #175.

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