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Pointing - cat vs sloop

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I have found that the cats will point higher than sloops etc, some sloops have better pointing ability though, Tony Zarras sems to point really well but he has moved his jib blocks inboard, rodney tried it (moving his blocks in) but he had'nt settled on a difinitive answer last time I spoke to him, I have found that Bulldozer points better when I am on the wire than when hiking, don't know if its just me, or if it affects the plan of the boat. Interestingly Pat from Canberra seems to lay off more once he gets on the wire. I always am told lay off till your jib is working, you will have to sail lower than a cat but the extra speed should get you to the mark in about the same time. Off the wind is where a jib makes a big diff though so if you can stay with or near the cats upwind you should gain on them over the race with the down winds legs and reaches.


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