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Maricat gunwales


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Hi people,

I've just bought an old maricat and am about to pull it to bits and put it together again.

I'm thinking of pulling off the pinchweld type gunwale rubber and replacing it.

My questions are.

1. is there anything I should know before I pull it off?

2. is it as simple as just cutting or yanking it off?

3. while it's off, am I likely to find any places prone to leaking that may need repairing.

4. Perhaps this should be the first question, but where can I get some new rubber?

5. What's a good glue or method of having it stick on?

Thanks guys, this is my first post so let me know if there's an etiquete I'm not following.

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I can email you a price list for all spare parts including a gunwhale rubber.

email me at mike@ltpmarina.com.au

Persanly i think it is a waste of time to pull the gunwhale off unless you know for sure there is a problem. You will need to replcae it if you start the job. There shuldn't be any suprises. I can email you full instructions for putting a new gunwhale on.


Maricat Catamarans NSW


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Before doing anything check the boat for leaks.

Take out the bungs and poke a bit of hosing up it and blow GENTLY with a vacuum cleaner on blow. Get a spray bottle with a water detergent mix and spray it on all joints, hatches etc. If there is a leak it will bubble.

So unless there is a bad leak (unlikely) under the rubber, or badly damaged, as Mick says, leave it alone.

Spray it with Armoral (or something) and it will look OK.

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I have found it easy to simply blow in bung as if blowing up a balloon, you will have to remove the rudders, a second body listens for leaks (the noise of a vacuam cleaner is detrimental to finding small leaks.) The gunel rubber is not a structural part of the Mari, so if the boat is only a cheap toy dont replace it. Sikaflex if you are going to replace it. Where are you sailing. Regards Darcy.

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