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combined 14' classes State titles?

shy thunder

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As we are all aware it is becoming hard for class associations to find locations to hold state and national titles.

Some reasons put forward is cost, onsite accomadation, security of rigged boats enough volunteers to help run the races etc.

As we are seeing a slight resurgence in the numbers of the 14footers sailing each weekend, might it be benificial to hold a combined state titles with Papertigers, Windrushes & Maricats to assist each other?

3 Division starts:- Div.1 = Cat rigged

Div.2 = super/Sloop

Div.3 = Mari 5.0

Euipment could then be borrowed from clubs for titles eg Large Buoys, rescue craft and best of all only a couple of helpers from each class would be required for the duration of races.

Locations are always hard to find and people are not confident to volunteer their club without speaking to the committee first...

Costs are also an important factor too...

with the entry fee having to be sufficient to cover running costs and maybe provide a surplas for the hosting club/insurances etc.

Most importantly a good food supply (and Grog) and a friendly competitive atmosphere would make it a pleasant time for all.




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I totally agree and was trying to get a place for all 14 footers to sail in the harbour.

Balmoral Sailing Club agreed to meet with us, but they also said they would not add 14 foot catamarans to their program if there was not enough support.

I hardly heard anything of anyone in here about wanting to have a sensational club like Balmoral to sail at, so I still go down there alone and have a great sail every couple of weekends.

I am not having a go at CRSC, but it is not the greatest place to sail a catamaran. The course is all over the place and the wind is even worse, and van be blowing 2 differerent directions on the same course. The Harbour offers open areas that are still safe and great winds that shift around a bit so you can still be challenged.

It is also a great place to hold any regatta with huge lawn areas, heaps of shade, bbq facilities, a bar and everything anyone could ever ask for. Not only that, it also caters for the non-sailing members of the family that come along.

They said they would be happy to hold regatta's during the year on both Saturday and Sunday's if we wanted as well.

But, there was not enough interest, and all I read is sailors complaining about a lack of clubs in the Sydney area to sail at. Well, they must not be too concerned.

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