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Mannering Park Regatta


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This was posted under '14 Challenge' in the 14ft forum.

"Mannering Park 14 Regatta Results 13/14 November.

No racing was held on Saturday 13th due to strong winds.

4 races were completed on Sunday 14th in light air which only occasionally allowed the Arrows to make use of trapese.

All 14s shared a common start. The final results were;

1st in Junior Division - Justin Turvey from Mannering Park Sailing Club on a Windrush cat rigged.

1st Master Division - Max T/Bridge from Mannering Park Sailing Club on a Windrush cat rigged.

1st - Paper Tiger Division - John Pinkerton - Koonawarra Sailing Club

1st - Maricat Division - John Merl - Mannering Park Sailing Club

1st - Windrush Division - Ron Walsh - Mannering Park Sailing Club

1st - Arrow Cat Division - Lachlan Powel - Spears Point Sailing Club

Outright on Yardstick

1st - Paper Tiger - John Pinkerton

2nd - Paper Tiger - Ian Marcovitch - Long Jetty Sailing Club

3rd - Arrow Cat - Lachlan Powel

At the presentation 3rd place incorrectly was given to maricat, ZAX. Looking at the results it should have gone to Lachlan Powel on a count back. Will try to get the cup to you Lachlan.

Fastest Outright went to Paper Tiger - John Pinkerton sailing Johny B Good from Koonawarra Sailing Club.

The numbers were down due to the strong wind forecast for Saturday and conflicting regatta's such as the Port Macquarie regatta. The 4 races held on Sunday made for an enjoyable and competitive regatta that will be an annual event. This year the shield went to Koonawarra Sailing club sailor John Pinkerton.

Next year to avoid conflicts with Port Maquarie Regatta we are considering to move the date to October Long Weekend. Although this conflicts with Foster Regatta I think that mostly it is the larger boats that attend that regatta - Please correct me if I am mistaken on this or does anyone else have a suggestion on how to best avoid conflicting with other regatta's?

Hope to see everyone at Koonawarra for the second part of the 14 regatta. Also would be nice to see some F14s or retros? Any out there?

cheers !

John. "

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