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Windrush 14 - Two Up On Trapeze?


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I have been thinking of trying two up on trapeze on my Windrush 14 (currently sailing sloop).

Aside from this being outside the current class rules - I was just wanting to try it for fun. My crew (son) is keen to try it too.

We weigh 100kg combined when wet (65kg + 35 kg). I figure the mast can take it since bigger blokes than this trapeze of a W14 mast all the time.

Has anybody got either previous experience or thoughts on this - especially possible problems we might face (we have both single trapezed in the past).

NB: Sufficient wind for this sort of thing doesnt seem to be a problem here in Perth at present:)



W14 Sailor - Perth, WA

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Sailing a Windrush with only one on trapeze makes the boat almost "submarine" they were never built originally to carry a trapeze, that was only added later to try to keep up with trapeze cats, so to put an extra trapeze on would, in my opinion, probably be a little to much, although there is nothing stopping you from trying, it's all good clean fun.

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There would be no problem putting an extra trapeze on a Windrush 14ft as you said blokes over 100kgs trapeze off these masts. As for wind no problem either. I've sailed twin trap off a windrush mast before and had no problem except there is only two places to run the elastic either over the deck or between the tramp and front beam where there is the little gap.

Darryl I wish you would get your facts straight before speaking. A Windrush 14ft does not almost "submarine" when on trapeze. Whilst they were not designed for it they carry trapeze fine. I should now I sailed them for 4yrs as skipper and 6 yrs as crew and am the current NSW Windrush S/S State Champion.

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Mr Tornado, about getting MY facts straight, You do realise that as far as the history of catamaran sailing is concerned, in Australia you are a very "Johnny come lately" and there are people about STILL sailing who have first hand experience of the cat scene almost since the very first cats were raced in Australia.

It just so happens that when the McFarlane brothers first put their 12' surf cat in the water I was present, and when they were laying up the first 14' hulls, I was there. They and myself were present with our respective “production” cats at the first "boat show" that they presented their cat at. So when it comes to the "idiosyncrasies" of the 14' Windrush, I do have a very long and intimate association. Some times you should keep quiet to hide your ignorance (and a not so little arrogance) instead of speaking out and confirming it.

Just a friendly suggestion, no malice intended

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Still havent got to the twin trapeze yet - but when I do I'll try and post a picture. Thanks for the advice from various quarters.

On the same subject, I now own two W14s, and found whilst switching trapezes between then that my recent addition W14 seems to have the trapeze tangs set about 300-350mm higher on the mast than the other.

On one they are about 450mm higher than sidestay/forestay attachment point, the other only 100 mm above this point.

Are there any theories around correct positioning of this attachment point? Does it matter where on the mast you attach the trapeze wire?

Presumably for minimising the tendency of the mast to bend in an unwanted manner - this should ideally be close to the point on the mast at which the stays attach(?).

I was planning to standardise the attachment point height on both boats allowing the trapeze wires to be interchanged between them.

Thoughts or comments?

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