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Alpha Omega 14

Petet Smits

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Hi all,

just wondering what everyones thoughts are regarding this cat. Have seen one advertised locally for $650 ONO, it seems in prety good condition as well as trailer sail box etc. Cannot get over how narrow the hulls are, any idea what the sail area is ?

Any info would be appreciated



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It seems unusually cheap for an AO .. They have kept their price over the years. Prices should go from 1500 to $4000 or so for one in top nick. Check to ensure the rudders and centreboards are in good condition. I think they should come with a triple block mainsheet system, a decent downhaul, It should come with a galvanised trailer which was standard equipment when new.

whats the sail number?

Darryl Barrett and his brother built the AO 's & he should be online here now and then or you could try to get him on the F14 forum on rick white's US catamaran sailor website.

AO sail no 145

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