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Hobie 14 Boom


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Hey guys i bought my Hobie off a guy but the storage locker was not accessible when i was checking the boat how ever after purchasing the Hobie i discovered it's missing the boom and goose neck fitting. Does any have or know were i can get a second hand one????? i have a spare mast i was contemplating cutting down to use as a boom but it just seems a shame!!

kind Regards

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I may be able to help you there.

Ill have a dig around my storage to see if I

can find it. Pretty sure the goose neck is with it as well.

So don't go cutting up your spare mast yet.

Im not sure what a 2nd hand boom is worth.

Any suggestions?

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I found it and remembered why I didn't use it. This boom was on a cat I had stripped for parts etc.

There is a bit of corrosion around some of the fittings.

I think if you drilled out the rivets and swapped all the fittings to the other end, it should be ok. Its still quite strong. If this was a mast I would be a bit sketchy about using it.

Here are some pics too look at.









Email me at my spam account jsa2kplus@yahoo.com.au

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