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Hi all,

Im chasing a windrush as Id love to get back into competitive racing, so not really chasing a 20 - 30 year old boat. Hense saying that, not really sure what I could get for the $2000 to $3000 range. (any advice appreciated)

From the sounds of it Id need at least one of the bulkhead windies or a foam sandwich? Are the foam sandwich ones prone to cracking??

Please email me at damienpatrickellis@hotmail.com or ring on 0400208255 if anyone can help. Im located in Carnarvon WA but am willing to drive to Perth to pick up one if available.

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Hey Doooma76,

Best to get in contact with the WA Association guys if you haven't already.


Are you thinking of making the trip to Nationals in Albany if you get a boat?

Would be great to get another one down there!

We're bringing 2 over from NSW, so no complaining about the drive... :-p

The foam boats aren't prone to cracking, i have the first one out of the moulds and its still in GREAT shape. The bulkhead boats are the next best thing, and are probably more in your price range. With a foam boat i'd expect to pay $4k+ for one in decent condition. I've seen one for $3-3.5k but it needed a fair amount of minor work on the hulls to tidy them up.

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Thanks Ryan, that would be greatly appreciated.... yeah I grew up years ago racing against those guys... Even before Romeo came....geez showing my age!!!! ;)

About time I got back into it.. Benny is really pushing to try and increase the windrush class again.. It used to be awesome seeing 20 plus windies racing around!!!

My number is 0400208255 if anyone hears of a second hand foam sandwich windrush for sale!!!



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