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Sail or Salvage


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Bought an older windie to improve my cat sailing skills but I have split the hull and a large crack has appeared just below the crosmember bolt. Question is do I repair the hull ( with limited skills ) or purchase another boat and sell mine for spares. Don't suppose that any one has hulls for sale?

I sail out of Adelaide.

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Its not too hard- just a messy job. Grind out the fibreglass around the crack in a circle, remove all cracked & loose fglass etc and bevel the area so you can add layers of new glass & resin from the inside to the outer edge.

Do a search online for fibreglass repairs and see whats involved.

Alternatively go to your local windy sailing club and see if anyone can give you a hand and tell you what to do.

A windy owner will be able to tell you whether its repairable or a waste of time and money.

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