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Rudder systems


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G'day Shwell,

I take it you are talking about a rope pull-down system which, when eased, the rudder goes up. Is this correct? I can send you some photos.

Where are you located? I may be able to point you towards some boats in your local area with that arrangement on them so you can see it in the flesh.

For my records, what is your boat name and number?


Dave Stumbles

Publicity Officer

Paper Tiger Catamaran International Assoc.

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Hi Dave,

Am pretty sure we've emailed in the past. I was sailing at Wagga but recently moved down to St. Leonards on Port Phillip Bay. My boat is called Wind Raker, #2081.

The system you describe is the one. I'd really appreciate an inventory of parts and some photos of a good system. If possible, I'd like to copy a known working example.


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