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Hello, I'm need a new traveller, the old one (performance) threads have been stripped. I looked at the ronstan catalog but nothing seemed to fit.

The track i'm using is the same as all other tiger's i've seen so far but don't know it's name.

Any advice appreciated.


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Hi shwell, most PT's have an "I" beam track, although a lot of newer ones have a low profile track and use recirculating ball travellers.

If you have the I beam track, it is a 19 series Ronstan part. The correct traveller for that is the Series 19 RC61910, which has two sheaves for the traveller rope, and a loop for your pulleys. Note that the RC61901 is available without the sheaves and isn't suitable.

I bought one a year or so ago, and from memory it wasn't cheap, around $90 i think. I bought it from Glascraft in Adelaide, and at the time there was a traveller in there that had recirculating balls that fitted the I beam track, that looked good but didn't suit what i wanted to do with it at the time.

Best bet is to give a marine shop a call, tell them you are looking for a traveller car (with sheaves) to suit a Ronstan 19 series I beam track. Good luck.

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