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Painting fun :-)


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Hi All,

Me again, your friendly neighbourhood dust creator.

All sanding is now complete. All repairs are now done and sanded nicey nicey.

I will be painting the first coat tonight. I decided to forego the primer and apply the Petitt Topsides paint directly to the hulls and decks.

I will be using the roller and tip method to apply the paint(s). I have chosen a two colour scheme consisting of white decks and navy blue free-board with white bottoms. I figured I would paint the thing white then do my blue right over top of the white. I will be using painter's tape(low tack green stuff) to make my lines nice and clean.

Once I have painted I will be wet sanding with 220 grit paper first then 400 grit wet after. Is that as far as I have to go? I really do not feel like having to go down to 800 as I am lazy and just want to go sailing.

I have been trying to find a traveller setup that I can purchase online, but have not been able to find track in any lengths longer than 4 feet. Would it be ok if I just used 2 sections butted up against each other?

I also need to find a place where I can order hiking straps as the boat currently has none.


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hiking straps can be found at any auto wreckers ....there they call them seat belts and every wreck is bound to have them. You will probably be able to get them for either free or next to free as it is illegal in most countries to sell them out of a wreck for further automotive use...... happy scrounging

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with the sanding, I would start off with the 400 and go to 600 both wet.

butting up the track is usually ok. If you can, at the ends of each length, use bolts to hold the track to the beam so it doesn't pull out. The rest can either be self tappers, or rivots.

The track that some people use is http://www.ronstan.com.au/marine/product.asp?ProdNo=RC6190-2.0

and it comes in a 2m length (of course it depends if you can get it where you are).

It looks like Ronstan doesn't make the track that I have anymore. which is around 10mm high.

Any sailing/boat shop should stock webbing suitable for the hiking straps. it's fairly easy to sew to if you want to fold over one end.


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