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Too right, mostly revenue raising exercise's... reminds me of a joke....

3 guys walking down the beach one kicks a genie bottle, picks it up gives it a rub and "POOF" (Not the Oxford Street Kind), out pops the Genie... who says, since there are 3 of you, only 1 wish each...

First guy is a West Australian and says "we need more fish in W.A., it's nothing like it was when i was a kid"... Genie clicks his fingers, then "POOF" W.A. waters are teeming with fish and he's transported there with a fishing rod in hand.

Second guy, (who interupted the remaining one!) is from N.S.W. and says, "N.S.W. IS SO GREAT, that i want to build a wall ALL THE WAY around it, so none of the 'Mexican's' from Victoria or the 'Cane Toad's' from Queensland can get in"... Genie clicks his fingers, then "POOF" the wall is built and the second guy is transported there with a smug smile on his face.

The third guy just so happens to be from Queensland says to the Genie, "tell me about this wall?". Genie says, "well it's 100 feet thick and 400 feet high, nothing gets in, nothing gets out"... "you sure?", says the Queenslander. "Most definitely!" says the Genie...

"Good!" says the Queenslander, "FILL the F*cking thing with WATER!"


Probably go straight to hell & upset a few with that one, but after living there for 10 years, it's still true & p#ss-funny!!!

Love & Regards,

Leroy wink.gif

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I heard that except it was for the middle east.

I am getting a box trailer and the kind people in the PT association have helped me find a cradle for it.

Now for my wife to have our baby and my knee to get better and I will be on the water in no time at all.

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