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PT training day


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Email From Neil Waterman

Hi All,

Just an update for those interested in Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club’s PT Training Day.

So far we have around 10 people attending.

If you don’t remember details, here they are again:

You have been invited to participate in a Paper Tiger Training Day at Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club. We have organized it in the lead up to the Nationals as there are a good number of NSW Sailors taking part in the event, and we would like to give it our best shot (and beat the Vic’s – there’s no SA boats going). At last count, there could be 10 boats from NSW going!

The Day is Saturday 1st December 2007 (THIS COMING WEEKEND), with a possibility of continuing on the Sunday. This is the best weekend, as the weekends after are a bit too close to Christmas.

The clubhouse is now available that day which means that we can use the club for training, sleeping, eating. And our boats can be left overnight on the rigging area.

The day will start at around 11am (ie: being on the water at 11am), so you will need to get there earlier to rig up (and to talk). Not sure of the structure of the day yet, but could include: starting practice, sprint races, boat/sail setup.

A simple BBQ Dinner is organized for Saturday night for a small cost.

The weekend is not just aimed at the people attending the Nationals, it’s open to everyone who sails PT’s.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming so we can organize the day.


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