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Purchase of a Paper Tiger


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I am tentaively looking at joining the PT fleet. Have found this boat for sale on the Trading Poat any I was wondering if anyone had any information about it?

http://www.tradingpost.com.au/iteminfo/adnumber_WM2513113430_cat_Sailing+Boats+%26+Yachts_off_1_sect_Marine_sort_otRZSQ1BJDZfdRZSQSearchDisplayPriorityIndAVSCotRZSQ1BJDZfdRZSQFirst Published_sqt_2_srch_paper+tiger_state_9_stpg_1_subs_Sail+%26+Non-Power_

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G'day Yeti,

I actually put that boat together from new in 1988. The hulls were from PT Cats (SA), but one of them started having delamination problems, in the chine area between the front beam and the front chainplate (from memory it was the starboard hull, starboard side).

When I sailed it, it only had inspection ports in the rear of the hulls (one in each hull), but I see it now has some in front of the front beam as well. This could be due to needing internal access to repair the delamination.

As a result of this problem, it absorbed a bit of water and weighed about 56kg (unrigged) when I sold it. The class minimum is 50kg.

So, if you are interested in it, I would definitely check for any delamination problems around the chines by pressing the flat panels on either side and looking and listening for movement or signs of the glass separating from the foam core. I would also weigh the boat. If you are looking at racing competitively, it is best to aim at boats that are less than 55kg unrigged.

If you want an up-to-date list of Paper Tigers currently for sale, e-mail me at dave at papertigercatamaran dot org



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