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Tell us about your winter refits/maintenance

Stephen G

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I have to fix a leak from building error at the centreboard case - when building, I followed the plans, which doesn't reinforce the case to the keel enough and it seems to have come away.

So the plan is to square out the bottom of the hull to the centreboard case and lay a few layers of fibreglass from inside the case to the outside of the hull and then re-paint and re-bog the case back up to suit the board again.

Not much work, but messy and the fact that I don't like cutting into the paint again.


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I have to get stuck into the gelcoat on my boat to turn it back from yellow into white.. Other than that it is the usual fairing of scratches in the hulls and especially the boards.

I'm eagerly awaiting news on the new "PT STAR" mast section, if that goes ahead i'll be busy out on the front lawn comparing mast bend characteristics!

Summer isn't far away..

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Hi Tigers!

The old relic 1464 "Why Worry?" has had extensive repairs, mostly fibreglassing the deck/hull seams, which had cracked and broken. It's also had the broken trampoline eyelets replaced, and rudder gudgeons with longer pins fitted. It should now be a bit more water-tight, and the problem of the rudder coming off during the Batemans Bay regatta sorted. Max, who sailed it there, is hoping it will be sea-worth enough to sail out on the ocean to Gabo Island.

2128 Pelikinetic (formerly Tega Too), has had the dings and scratches on the hulls filled and painted, a custom paint-job, and some old rigging replaced. The re-designed rudders are still under construction.

Keenly hoping to make the nationals, but it is a direct conflict with my usual job as "Summer Ranger" for Parks Vic. Trying to dream up an alternative employment plan! Maybe a self-employed eco-tour guide/art teacher/artist/graphic designer/ecologist?


Tony Hastings


PO Box 543 Mallacoota VIC 3892

Mobile: 0427 534 548

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Just fixing (finding, god bless air compressors and soapy water) up a leak in my port dagger case that jams the board in the case and causes the boat to go slow, a common condition in the Eastern states I hear wink.gif

We have our annual 2-day Cat Classic this weekend so after my poor showing this year (not touched boat since early April) it's about time she had the cobwebs blown off and sailed in anger again.

So does anyone have the low down on this supposed new mast section? I'm interested to know!

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I have been told they are the same outside but on the inside there is a slightly different radius in the sail track area and the two flat spots that are inside the USA mast are 180 degrees to each other the new masts will form more of a triangle or arrow shape in this area hope that makes sense.

Will see if I can get an update for you guys this weekend.

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