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696 Back on the water


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G'day Paul,

Firstly, welcome to the Paper Tiger class. I am sure your boat will provide you with many years of enjoyable sailing.

I presume you have just purchased "Hohoro"? We can certainly give you plenty of pointers. Tony Hastings from Mallacoota has restored a couple of old PTs (see his posts for further info) and I'm sure he'll respond to this post. He has some great advice based on his experiences.

Where are you based (town, state, club)?

Have you had a Paper Tiger before?

Have you got much sailing experience?

What other boats have you sailed?

Lots of questions, but the more we know about you the more we can tailor our responses to give you appropriate information.

By the way, we can supply you with a free CD that contains lots of pictures and articles about building, fitting, rigging and sailing Paper Tigers. If you can post your e-mail address here (you might like to do it in code to avoid spammers) or call or message me on 0400 476 449, so I can get your mailing address, I can then send you a CD.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We are here to help!


Dave Stumbles


Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association.

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Dave's right, I've had a lot of fun restoring & sailing my old Tigers. I'm happy to help answer any questions if I can. I saw photos your boat when it was advertised on the Trading Post: it is a classic! I'm sure you'll have a blast on it.

A website exists which has some pointers for fixing up and tuning old Paper Tigers:


Although the Paper Tiger is a one-design class, this only means the exterior of the hulls have the same shape. Modern racing boats have evolved a fair bit, with light, stiff hulls, adjustable rigs, better mast section shape, better sail cuts, carbon-fibre foils, and almost every other component improved in some way. They're very hard to keep up with!

Rather than going for the top gear, some basic pulleys & v-jamb fiddle blocks will have the boat fully functional quite cheaply. See a list of parts & prices at: http://www.catsailor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum16/HTML/000158.html

To start with, get some wrap-around sunglasses - you'll need them to deflect all the spray!

Don’t be discouraged, a lot of fun and competitive racing can still be enjoyed on a slower, down-spec boat. 1464 "Why Worry?" has wobbly 75+kg 37 year-old hulls, ancient stretched sail, old oval section mast, yet has recently raced in 2 State Titles, 3 regattas, and even won a club race! She’s a local legend which many previous owners remember fondly, giving it significant value, and your boat is even more valuable.

The great thing about mixed-fleet races is that even the slowest Tiger will blitz most other dinghies & trailer-sailors. Joining a club has the advantage of getting advice from other sailors, having a rescue boat around to help, and more. All clubs allow one or a few free races before asking for paid membership.

The pressure and competitiveness of racing isn’t for everyone. A mate of mine had his first sailing experiences on “Why Worry?” and loved them all. When it was windy we laughed at all the spray and excitement of bouncing over waves, and when it was light he loved the meditational peace of quietly cruising along. It’s all good!


PT2128 “Pelikinetic”

Mallacoota, VIC

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Thanks for your replies.

Have sailed many years ago around the Camperdown area now based in Geelong.Started sailing on a Sailfish, crewed for three years on a Nacra 5.2. Yet to enrol in a sailing club but maybe later down the track.Never owned a Paper Tiger thought it would be a great starter for my daughter, I am really interested in the history of this boat. ie. age and origin.

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Hey Paul,

mostly likely 696 is from the late 1960's, although it's possible an older sail number was used on a newer boat, and the association hasn't kept records.

I also learnt to sail on a Sailfish! 2171 "Deceptive Benz" from Narrabeen Lake, Sydney. Was at Nationals, NSW & Vic state titles late 1980's. Did I meet you then?

The PT is MUCH faster & you dont have to worry about falling in backwards when the wind suddenly drops. Nosediving remains an issue.

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G'day Paul,

Thanks for calling me. Great to talk to you.

I am sure Tony will continue to provide excellent input, as always.

I will be sending the CD off to you shortly.

Looking forward to being of assistance in the months and years to come!



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