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The Grand Plan


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Having just started well-paid full-time work (at long last!), so am scheming a Grand Plan.

My boat 2128 "Pelikinetic" is good, 52kg, new mast, Williams sail in OK shape, home-made timber foils to improved NACA profiles. But she's got some hidden cracks, narrow gunwales, lots of dents, rudder boxes on the way out, and very basic rig controls.

My Mate Max sails 1464 "Why Worry?", which has 75kg hulls, wobbly fibreglass sheet construction, 3 major repairs to it last season, old bent eliptical mast (with old bent spare!), 70's era Lidguard sail (with even worse spares!) and foils that aren't much more than planks. As I've left Mallacoota, he also needs a trailer to get his boat up here to Wallagoot Lake and whatever regattas we might get to.

While there's Pete, never sailed before, keen to try it out, and Jake, who I dont know but wants a cheap Tiger.

Hmm, what to do?

I'm hoping for a good boat with newish Redhead sail, good foils and proper fittings, on a trailer. There's a good chance every part of the boat will be better than what I have now. But, if the hulls are worse than mine; OK I'll take the rig & parts & put together the leftovers for Max. We should both come out of it with good racing boats on trailers, and old Why Worry can be used by Peter, Jake or other newby. Yay!!!!

Early days yet; still have to raise the money, but these could be lucky numbers; 1986, 3017, 1743, 2679, 2346, 2115, 2901, 1365, 1368 or 2122. Any comments on those?

Hope you're all well, looking forward to next season!


tonyquoll@yahoo.com Mobile:0427 534 548

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G'day Neil,

Thanks for that! My compliments on your great work on the new PT International website:


Reading this history of the Paper Tiger there was most interesting, and your photos are outstanding!

Regardless of 'the Grand Plan', I'm looking forward to a great sailing season this year; I'm now in Merimbula NSW so can race regularly at Wallagoot Lake. It'll be my first regular racing season since 1989, when I raced a scow Moth at Seaforth in Sydney.



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