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PT Project


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Did you mean this one?

Paper Tiger project for sale

starting bid $250

Includes: NEW timber hulls & cross beams, Mast, Old Sail, Boom, Rudders, 2 sets of centreboards, New rudder stocks, Gaggens, Trampoline, stays, official plans

Registered number 3079

Pick up only from Valla Beach NSW

See it at:



There's also:

2831 "Hooters", with Goodall sail, USA mast, carbon rudders, foam-core hulls, on trailer with sail box, $2000:


Great boat, I enjoyed racing against it at Stat Titles a couple of years ago. Then owner Rod explained why he called it "Hooters:

1/ the wife said to name it after her

2/ in the TV show "Married With Children", when father Al gets fed up with Meg's nagging he says "that's it Meg, I'm off to Hooters", which was a strip-club down the road. Rod similarly enjoyed going off with the boat as an escape.


There's also this one:

Sail no. 1375, $700

Ply hulls on roller-type boat trailer, Alloy mast & boom, running gear in excellent condition. Alloy spars. Freshly painted hull. Some new stainless steel rigging.


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