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Foam bulkheads


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This home-built ply PT weighs approx 53kg. Photo below taken from rear hatch, looking forwards.

Possibly that's carbon-fibre strips reinforcing around the hull under each beam.

Tapered timber strips stiffen the sides at places bulkheads usually go.


Thinking of using foam rod, 100mm diameter, to brace from side to side. Each piece could be cut to size, inserted through the hatch, have 'liquid nails' applied, and then thrust into the nose with a long stick.

Maybe that would stiffen the forward panels.

What kind of foam? Polystyrene, or polyurethane? Any recommended supplier?

Maybe some timber X bracing under the beams too?

It'd be good to make it stiffer and strong without adding too much weight.


for PT 3038 "the Mystery Tiger" (from Bellinger River Sailing Club)

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