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Nacra 4.5


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The boat was built in the early 90's (Sail No. 42) as a Bundy Rum promotion. The sail in the photo is the original with the "Bundy Bear" insignia and in the original colours. There is also a new main with only 6 or 8 easy races against its name. The sale includes a jib, a bouyancy vest and harness (both only under two years old), the trailer (in good condition) registered till September nex tyear, beach rollers, lockable sail box and some spare shackles and pins. The standing rigging was all redone about two years ago and the boat given a good going over at the same time. I have only "raced" it at Wivenhoe in fresh water. The boat is in very good order and has been kept under cover since I have owned it and I believe the previous owner seemed to look after it pretty well. I bought the boat to help learn the basics of sailing and this done I now want to get back into flying - probably gliding!! I have put some photos up but if there is anything specific you want a picture of let me know. Happy to show how I rig it and go for a sail if there is a serious interest. Asking Price $5,000.00.

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