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Paper Tiger 2128 Pelikinetic $900


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Paper Tiger 2128 Pelikinetic is for sale in Canberra; http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Catamaran-Paper-Tiger-2128-Pelikinetic-/320600701032?pt=AU_Boats&hash=item4aa54a7868

Bargain at $900; close to minimum weight foam-core hulls, cross-cut Redhead sail, new mast with modern fittings, tramp recently replaced, hardwood NACA section foils.

Winner of several regattas, top placing of 6th in a heat at Internationals. Trailer is registered until December (contrary to the ad), but is maximum legal width; 2.5m wide. Jay is selling as he's now sailing with Defence Force Sailing Club where they sail other types of boats.

It's my previous boat so I know it well, am happy to answer queries and relay any expressions of interest to Jay, tonyquoll@yahoo.com


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