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Maricat Sail #668 Mk1 info from you expirenced guys If I may..


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Hi Her hulls,tramp,sail mast and trailer are all in good nick.

I have expirence on bigger yachts and calypso 14 and 16's (raced for a few years)

My questions are as follows

1)It's running a 3:1 mainsheet (no camcleat) the ronstan blocks are on thier last legs, it appears 6:1 is the norm, but a new block set up will be 1/2 the price of the cat, I really dont need ball bearing, graphite powdered wiz bang things for my use any sources or ideas?

2)I have read various methods re stepping the mast, I know the calyspo's just have a notch in the past foot and a recess on the mast step itself, so it carnt go anywhere and you just walk the mast up from the rear of the cat onto the tramp and it's up, even on the 16R cat (tall bloody heavy mast it was a one person job) Was wondering if any one has fabricated something similar on a Mari?

3)I'm based in Deception Bay Brisbane Where would any assocations or any maricats sail from?

4)from past expirence on others cats this size, when theres no wind or you just want to explore (noosa everglades etc) he were able to attach a little outboard (2hp) using a bracket from the frt and rear beam. (took all of 5 mins) has this been tried on the Maricat *yes my preference is to sail but with young kids I sometimes get out voted...haha*

Look forward to your thoughts, ideas and hopefully catching up on the water

Cheers Mark

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Scuba, 6:1 is norm, block configuration depends on mast rake and sail shape (Mk 1 Mari has a lower clue position), you should be able to chase up a pair of triples and mainsheet for $150. Mast rake reduces the tendency to drive the leeward bow under and makes for much more pleasant sailing. The mast is easily lifted vertically into position once the forestays have been attached and with the bows pointed uphill. Hopefully some association members from up your way will respond. I may be able to help you with a cheaper block choice depending on what you have. Give me a call on 02 43591729 if you have any questions or strike a problem.

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