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Gemini 464 memories


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There was a G464 recently advertised on ebay as a fixer upper. I vaguely remember these boats as being built down around NSW central coast in the early 80s(?).

Seemed fairly advanced at the time....wing mast, reasonably efficient hull shape with centreboards. Could be sailed 1 or 2 up with or without jib.

Never heard much about them after that. Never saw one up northern NSW that I can remember.

Any idea how they went, how many were built etc?

It was the era of everyone having a go at cat design and building !! The era of the Tri Fly and Itza Cat!!


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Hi Rob i own the last gemini ever made it has a slightly drifernt hull shape and dagerbords insted of centerbords, they had to redisign the hull because the old moulds were in a fire and were destroyed. i have the new moulds at home in Orange N.S.W. i think 121 geminis were made because that is my latest sail number. i also own 2 other geminis sail numbers 65 and 79. and now that my local dam has gone from 4% to 50% in the last few months i can sail them there again

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