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Daggerboards and rudders for AO14


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Ok, - yeah yeah, I know seasons already started, but new baby has delayed getting the other baby out of the carport. The other baby is a Alpha Omega 4.3 with the big (13.5 m2) cat rig.

My problem is this:

The previous owner was a recreational shallow lake sailer and has replaced the original boards with a lovely looking('glass over cedar and ash), but somewhat useless(for an AO) set of boards from a Paper Tiger - (hull depth at slots is much greater on the AO compared to a PT). Also - the rudders have been replaced by what looks like a set of shortened Hobie14 rudders (blunt, heavy and short).

The ensuing result is a cat that doesn't point very well, generally handles like crap, and is rather difficult to tack.

I have aquired LxW specs of the original boards and rudders but not profiles or shapes. I'm thinking NACA 00012 and 00010 profiles will be somewhere close, but not sure. Also, I have no idea what shapes would be best suited for each.

I can competently home-build in cedar and carbon(or kevlar/aramid) so construction is not a problem, but resources on the net in terms of modern fin shapes for cats are virtually non-existent.

Can anyone offer wisdom/plans/links/opinions or anything else that will help??? Even some old boards and rudders sitting around that no-one needs. I aim to make them in the Chrissie break if it comes to making new ones, or is it all too silly and I should look for s/hand A-class fins?

Many Thanks

btw: a lovely set of glass over cedar and ash dagger boards for a Paper Tiger will be on offer soon as new boards are completed!

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my tuppence - the width of the dagger slot sounds like it'll dictate the measurement - ie chord and NACA number, if you get smart you'll have a baggy board which isn't fast!

there's a free program called Profili from which you can get drawings printed to make a template (the free version doesn't do profiles). NACA 4's should be ok for most speeds I would guess. There's heaps of info on the Moth forums but you'll find people very cagey about profiles (although I'd bet that the moth vertical profiles are standard).


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go here for images of my AO which give an idea of the centreboard shape - these are the early ones with the later model ones one solid piece with a tapered top .

contact Darryl Barrett as he was the Ao builder and still has the centreboard and rudder moulds


tel adelaide 8362 0877 if this is still the correct number for the AO and F14 association

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