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Windrush 14 rigging


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Hi guys,

I've recently brought a W14 and it is clearly missing some pieces (jib travellers, triple ratchet, prob more) -

Is there anyone who can post some clear, close images of a fully rigged W14, as it will help me identify what else may be missing, and more importantly how to rig correctly. I've got a copy of the manual, but the images aren't really clear.


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NZ, probably hence the reason I've had difficulty finding another one to compare to.

I know I'm missing

- jib travellers

- triple ratchet

- jib bullet blocks

but there does seem to be extra blocks (I guess someone has been using a modified mainsheet, maybe jib)

I'm hoping if I can see some good pics of a fully rigged cat I'll be able to figure out what else may be missing, and how the previous owner has modified (if they have).

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That's ok, though we are back to the original question - has anyone got some photos?

One easily answered question though - front stays are tensioned with lines, but what are the shrouds meant to have? Turnbuckles? Pins? Anything? (mine have nothing atm, just the pincher type clips).

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O you have a cat that still has the forestay + the 2 bow forestays... The bow forestays are surplus and not really required.

For the jib you need 1 pair of these http://www.windrushyachts.com.au/online-store.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=302&category_id=26

with 4 of these http://www.windrushyachts.com.au/online-store.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=303&category_id=26

you then get a long U shackle and 2 individual pulleys ie a pair of these http://www.ronstan.com/marine/product.asp?ProdNo=RF469

So the jib castings attach using the bolts mentioned in the top of the trampoline track (the bolts slide in along the track up near the front beam). You then thread a 6mm sheet through the eye on the casting and forward to the jib, through one of the pulleys and then back to the front beam on the particular side you are rigging. There should be an eyelet in the trampoline you can use to tie off the sheet (i just do a figure of eight).

With the other end of the sheet do the same.

See if that makes sense.

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Thanks, most of that I knew, but I didn't know I needed bolts for cars as well - so that helped.

My main concern for now is the stays however - I'm just not convinced it's right, and don't want to risk using it until sure - ripping one of the eyelet out, or loosing the mast isn't going to be conductive to a quick repair.

I'm thinking that once the mast rigging is sorted all the other bits can be sorted on the go - I had no real intention of using the jib until I've been out a few times/have a passenger, and could problem work out a usable (though not ideal) alternative rigging if I really needed to - likewise for the missing triple ratchet (which of course will not be at all ideal).


I've a pic of the mast up, but with out the two lines to tension the headstays - you can't see it but the headstay uses a carabina type clip to the eyelet (with the two tweaker lines having the same clip to the headstays - prob should really be tied?), and the shrouds clip straight to the aft eyllet using a pincer type clip - shouldn't there be a chainlink/turnbuckle or other tensioner there?

It seems weird that the only tension is coming from the tweaker lines.

Again - thanks for all your help. Surprised there is not more people in the know though - any more active forums out there for the Windrush/smaller cats?

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By carabina type clip do you mean these? RF533.jpg

They are what we use on both sidestays and forestays to attach to the saddles in the hull. We use a chainplate on the sidestays to adjust rig tension & a chainplate at the top of the forestay to adjust mast rake.

The pair of forestays that go to each both are unnecessary NOONE uses them anymore. The single forestay in the jib spread by the bridle to each bow is more than sufficient.

Look through this gallery of images, there is a bunch of good closeups of windrush 14's. http://www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au/images/14ftcatregatta2006/index.htm?detectflash=false&

also see my boat here PB250839.jpg & here PB250943.jpg. Jack here PB250840.jpg

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