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Shockcord on a hydra


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I have a hydra that the previous owner replaced most of the shockcords with occy straps and left others to disappear.

On the front crossbar on the outer right and left there are matching holes. On my boat one has an occy that the hooks are attached to the centreboards, The other holes have an old shockcord with plastic hooks, again attached to the centreboards.

Can anyone tell me what is what for these holes? I suspect I will need to drill out the side covers on the crossbar and refit new cord right across.

Also Bunnings now sell shockcord?? does anyone know if this is any good or just crap?

If you have a hydra, take some pics so I can see how it looks.


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Hope this helps


The cord for the starbord hull runs from hole 1 on port hull out through hole 1 (your drawring numbering convention) starbord hull and then to the centre board. My cords are just tied through the top of the centre board no plastic hooks.

The end cap to the front beam has the trapeze cord comming out through it.

I got my replcement cord from Brisbane Catamaran Centre. Buy extra cord to make it easier to pull through.

A question for you Theburna, do you have shock cord between the jib travelers, if so how is this set up? And also does your boat have a vang, mine came with one but it was not fitted to the boat and looks unused?

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I now have 2 Hydra's, both have different board setups. One has an endless rope attached to the rear of the boards to pull them down, and seperate ropes and cleats to pull them up. The other has the bungy setup. They both have the 2 holes either side with nylon guides in the crossbeam, and holes for the trap bungy in the endcaps. Interestingly the boards are different shapes, one boat is 889 and the other is 1116. I have yet to set up a righting rope, this also uses bungy thru the crossmember? No bungy for the jib tracks, sheet tension will pull the blocks in towards the mast. As for the mast spanner, you are risking inversion if you don't have some sort of rotator.

One question I do have, has anyone lifted the boom further up the mast? Bit of a pain with it so low for the crew, I understand it's for leech tension and no vang? Newer designs have gone away from this it appears.


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