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Night Sailing

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On Saturday evening the Wagga Wagga Sailing Club held a night sail for off the beach boats. The races started at about 7.30pm in a steady breeze which gradually dropped out at about 10.30pm. We did about 5 laps of Lake Albert in that time.

Rounding marks had flashing red lights and boats had appropriate temporary lights. I used red, green and white glow sticks. It was not all that dark due to surrounding house and street lights and an almost full moon.

The race was fully sanctioned by the authorities, with a rescue boat cruising about. The greatest hazard turned out to be the mozzies (not the catamaran types) which at the end of the race created more air movement than the wind !!

It was a very pleasant evening and good fun. I recommend the activity to other clubs.

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Did this at Forster in the 80's at some stage, but only sailed until it was dark. By the time we got back to the park it was pitch black but with a big fire and some spot lights unrigging with a beer in one hand and a shackle key in the other was rather pleasant.

I have done it a few times with a couple of other boats on the harbour after work. I do try and get back to the beach while there is still some glimmer of light. It is a great sensation and something I will do when I have finally moved in and go for a sail on my little lake.


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