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Turbo kit for H-14


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I don't fancy my chances but it can't hurt to ask.

If anyone has an old turbo they are selling or wrecking I'm looking for a turbo kit. I've got a dolphin striker but need, jib blocks, furler, and jib etc..

I'd also be interested in buying a complete turbo too if you don't want to sell individual parts. I'm in Sydney (Northern Beaches)


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I've been having a look around. I found the jib blocks for real cheap, just checking on availability of them. The furler kit however has got me fuming. How come the RRP in Australia for Ronstan is $170.74 and in the USA it is $71?





And to make matters worse this US website sells them for even cheaper and say they may have to hit up Ronstan Australia if they run out of stock...


So it's cheaper to buy something from Australia via the USA rather than directly from Australia! Someone needs to be locked up!

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If anyone stumbles on this thread looking for info on H-14 Turbo kits I went with the following:

Ronstan RF76 furler

Ronstan RF78B swivel

Harken 2611 blocks for the Jib

Harken 348 jib clew blocks

Got the Ronstan gear via the US ($54.60 and $54.50) respectively.

Got the Jib blocks from ebay, brand new from Hawaii $50 each!

Jib clew blocks $10 each.

The jib block wire you can put together yourself with a turnbuckle and shackle from Whitworths.

Don't know about Dolphins strikers, mine came with one as it had been a turbo at one point before in it's past.

Trapeze kit, wires, handle, rings, blocks etc from Whitworths as well.

Jibs are cheap from the US if you are going to get a new one www.thesailstore.com seems pretty competitive, they'll put a window in free of charge too.

I gave up trying to find any of this stuff second hand, the only other step seemed to buy another H-14 with Turbo, but most had something wrong with them. Managed to get the whole kit for way less than half the stock Hobie price. A little crazy for a 30 year old boat that cost me $700 but it seems worth it it's a whole new boat now.

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