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Who flung dung


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Have you ever left your cat on a quiet & usually trustworthy beach. No ? Well I don't recommend it.

After 30 years of family sailing I left our now fairly antique Paper Tiger up on the foreshore last year. Just before Christmas it magically disappeared. Weeks later it turned up in the police yard, having been salvaged. Somehow it seemed to grow wings & find it's way into the water.

One year later & after fairly extensive repair we left it again at the same old spot just down at the beach from our house. Yep you guessed it. It grew wings. With mast & no sail it seems that this boat just does not want to stay on the happy dune & somehow (perhaps with help from the same pre-christmas little but rather fit little helpers it jumped over the scrub & went out to sea.

Now we face the grand task of diggin our tiger out of the drifting beach sand where it lies 1/3 below. I imagine, with some help it was lashed to the shore by a well wisher & left to split against the driftwood. Now I know what's under those trusy decks...

So if anyone has our rigging (conveniently missing from the wreck, I'd like it back please... Just leave it with the boat & I'll be really chuffed. Never thought I'd be re-building the boat twice in two years.. Perhaps time for a new hobby.

Any thoughts ?:mad:

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The times they are a changing

I don't know whether you have noticed, But you can't leave your back door open any more,

nor can you leave your keys in your car, try leaving your lawn mower out the front while you

take your catcher to empty out the back. Kerbside rubbish is gone quicker than you can put it out.

Don't shake hands with any stranger these days without checking the number of fingers you have

got left afterwards. Locks on letter boxes are a pre requisite. Nod off in front of the TV and it's gone.

Welcome to the new millennium.

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I agree with Bridgehugger on that one. Amen. I have always said that an armed society is a polite society.

The latest trick I discovered today was that "They" will come into your yard and turn off the water meter tap and if after a couple of days it is still off, then it means you are not home and on holidays and hey presto, you arrive home to an empty house.

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