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Wanted Nacra 14SQ


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Thanks Dee,, that one is in southern NSW, I looked into it when I bought my 14sq and the freight kills it.

I will ring about no. 29 today thanks pointed reply.

Thanks for the lead Richard, it looks like it's a nice boat, and photos of the bottoms of the hulls too, might be worth a drive to check it out.

EDIT " I spoke with the coverted laser sailor and he is already on his way to Townsville to check out Nacra 14SQ 100, talk about keen......." EDIT

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Hi Chocko

The guy is keen. If it's as good in the flesh as what it is in the photo's, He would be mad not to bring it home. Like i said if it was closer i would have been on my way yesterday to bring it home

Let us know how he goes


P.S Next time i see you some sort of spotters fee, Would be appreciated. Ha Ha i'm laughing on this side of the keyboard

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Thanks Richard, the boat is purchased and on it's way to Cairns, will be at Tinaroo tomorrow!!!

If I ever get organised enough to do the regatta down there, I'll bring some cane cutters cordial or you preferred beverage down for ya.

Will take some video and pics tomorrow, watch this spot tomorrow night.

We now have 6 nacras at Tinaroo, and only 2 of them are similar (2 x inter17)

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