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Looking for second hand beach rollers Brisbane or near abouts..


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Hi Sailing Folk

Having just got my MK1 Mari "mostly" ready for the water, I've discovered, being a Mk1 she's bloody HEAVY ! I had a calyspo 16 that was lighter. lol

So I am in need of a set of beach rollers, I can travel between sunshine and gold coasts just give me a call if you can help.

Cheers Mark


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Beach rollers

I have a set of cat rollers like new with red-hub pneumatic turf wheels and heavy duty aluminium axle, going for $340. You can see these new at Brisbane Catamaran Centre for about $550 I think. Please check the new price. If you find a set of roll-a-cat rollers needing a new wheel, I have one. I have some second-hand catamaran parts if you need them. Mast, boom, sails, battens, trailer etc. Phone Maroochydore 0754796111

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