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Windrush 14 mark 11 wanted. New female member


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Hi, this is my first post. I'm looking to buying my first cat for semi-regular racing and having fun on. :cool: I've sailed on a Hydra cat, NS14 and VS, but not my boats. I live on Mid North Coast NSW. There seems to be very few good ones for sale, and often age is overstated. I'm prepared to pay a fair price for a boat in good condition, so if anyone knows of one for sale could they pass details on to me. Thanks

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Thanks Pete, I'm looking to pay up to $2000 for a really good one. If I could stretch the budget I'd buy a foam sandwich, much lighter and stiffer. Hopefully one will come up soon, but I've learnt a heap about the class researching the different models. Good luck with your hunt.



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Just to clarify your comments about a foam sandwich windrush and the mk's of windrush.

MkI - Early 70's, non bulkhead, no production weight meant boats varied alot

MkII - Late 70's-Early 80's, non bulkhead, no production weight (some had hull numbers) rear beam was rotated so the traveller track leaned back

MkIII - mid80's-93, marine ply bulkheads (vertical and horizontal), production weight (77.5kgs platform), hull # & weight stamped on rear beam casting

MkIV - 93-on, Foam Sandwich, bulkheads, production weight (77.5kgs platform, most are around 79-80kgs new), hull # & weight stamped on rear beam casting

As for the difference (racing wise) between a good bulkhead MkIII that has had the marine ply removed and the bulkhead glassed & that of a foam sandwich boat. Personally I have sailed and won on both, the difference is in 20knts+. The bows are stiffer and more bouyant when driven hard. But up to that point I could make a bulkhead boat go as fast as a foam boat.


Windrush S/S 6327

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