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Maricat 4.4 mk2


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Hi all, wanted a nacra 4.5 (very hard to find) but now considering a maricat 4.3 mk2. Firstly, is this a wise choice, how does it perform as i will be a single sailor and whats the difference between the mk1 and 2. Sailed neither before so after unbiased advice. Would love a nacra but......

many thanks from the slug!!

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Hi slug, in answer to your question. Mk 2 has a rear beam with integral traveller and the deck molding has been altered to accept the different beam, also mk 2 has a heavier/stronger boom with integral outhaul track. No noticeable diff in performance between mk 1 and 2. Just find either in good cond. Things to look for, Transom bulging/cracked around rudder mounts, corrosion under stainless fittings (mast hounds, front beam under mast base and dolphin striker post, rear beam cracks from righting rope saddles) early mk 1 has cast alloy shroud attachment plates and thin .5 ml stainless dolphin striker atachment plates( if the striker breaks, so will both beams) good luck, Ph (02)43591729 if any Questions.

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Hi Seaslug,

It all depends on what you want to do, race mainly solo, or cruise about with the family.

There are plenty of both boats racing so you can't really go wrong with either boat. But it you want to cruise around with the family on board, then the Nacra will probably be the better boat.

I have a Mk1 Maricat that I use as my solo sailor. It's a great little boat and a lot of fun to sail.

Not sure on the differences bewteen Mk1 and Mk2, other than the rear beam on the Mk2 incorporates the traveller track, whereas the track is seperate to the rear beam on the Mk1.

I'm not sure of the rigged weight of a 4.5, but I know the Maricat is about 90-100kg's rigged, as is easy enough to rig, launch and retrieve with out requiring help.

You'll also pick up a good Maricat for a lot less than a Nacra 4.5



Edited later: Sorry guys I'd half typed this out, then came back a few hours later to finish and sent it off, then noticed the other posts had been added in the mean time.

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