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Painting the Maricat...and beach rollers...


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Hi Guys have the Mari Mk1 "mostly" finished... when does it stop with boats lol.

Not entirely happy with the set up. (Resort style rudders, and a fixed main sheet block to the rear beam) although there is also a track along the rear of the beam- which I figure I will have to utalise. Also no jib yet, upwind performance zero....!

But all things in good time. A few quick questions if I could

1) after 1000 and 600 (light sanding) wet and dry the hulls have come up great, but the top decks really need a paint. I read single pack enamal paint with 250-500grit. on a hot day. With the 100 mm roller would 12mm nap or a foam roller give a better finish?

2)If i scored a pair of blade type rudders, is it possible to adapt the rudder housings the come with the Mk1, as mine have the uphaul/down (raise/lower) rope set up already in place.

3) still after a secondhand beach roller brisbane or roundabouts.

Just how heavy are these Mk1's lol. either this one has lead in it's keels or we need to spend more time at the gym, we lifted a calyspo 14 and could have run round the block with it...

You can pick up a set at Bris cats for $415 but being a budget cat, a second hand set will do. Hope some one can help.

4) in Humpybong at redcliffe the main place Maricats sail from around Brisbane or where else?

Happy sailing and cheers


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