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Accomodation at 2012 Nationals, Mannering Park


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The next Nationals will be hosted by Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club, on the NSW Central Coast, Tuesday 3rd - Sunday 8th January, 2012. For further information, visit the event website.


The venue was selected partly due to the adjacent caravan park. It was then discussed that we needed to promptly book cabins and camp sites to ensure that accomodation would be available. See:


I've booked a "Poolside Villa"; V1 on the map, which includes queen-size bed, 3 single beds (in L+1 above configuration), and a fold-out lounge. The cost ranges from $1400 or so if I stay there by myself to under $300 each if 6 people share.

Would anyone like to consider sharing this cabin? I'm happy to float the deposit and you pay your share much later... Detailed weather, topography and racing analysis guaranteed!


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