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Repairing Hobie 14 Hull

T. Beard

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In a freak accident the mast went through the hull of my mates Hobie 14. The hole is nice and round a little bit larger than the mast diamater and positioned near the bow about half way betwen the deck and the keel on the outside port hull.

The problem is what would be the best way to fix it.

The hull is fibreglass with a foam centre between the glass.

Should I be covering ths hole with something from the inside and then building out with layers of glass mating and should I use epoxy or polyester resin.



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Grind the hole, chamfering the edges as much as possible, into an oval shape, about 1 1/2 times as as long as the width. A piece of light ply, (1 to 3 ml thick) about 60ml larger than the elongated hole, drill a small hole in the middle of the ply with a piece of knotted string through the hole, using polyester resin glue the ply patch inside (it will fit through the hole sideways and then turn into place), the string will hold it in place until dry. then cut 6-8 patches each 10ml larger than the previous and finish the repair. Should cost about $20. Ph (02)43591729 if unsure.

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