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How do you jury rig a cat?


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Thinking of doing a beach camping trip from Townsville to Cape Trib (380km as the crow flies) later this year in my 4.9 or possibly on a 5.8 over a few weeks. Idea is to try and live off the sea by trolling, castnet and spear with a big bag of rice and cash if the local pub or resort turns out to be the better option. Would go to islands up to 15km off shore (Palm group). Obviously would have seaworthy boat and PLBs in our life jackets etc.

Long intro, but if I lost the rig offshore on my 4.9 what would be the best way to jury rig it to get back to the mainland?

I'm thinking I would make a new boom from an old Sabot mast extrusion and an old Sabot sail cut down, painted orange with a big black V. That way I would dump the mast if necessary, jury rig the boom as a mast with the Sabot sail. Also, that way I would also meet the legal requirement for a V sheet.

Is there a simpler way? I don't want to have to rely on others.

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