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NSW 14' Cat travellers series 2011-2012


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This thread is posted on the 14' Cat Forum, but I was wanting to know the thoughts of PT sailors. How does it sit with your NSW PT series?

I think some regattas like Mannering Park and Koonawarra will overlap.

Sando (Groove Thing W14 6346)

Any interest in a 14' Cat travellers series in NSW next season?

Possible regattas

1/ Mannering Park 14' regatta early October

2/ Kembla Klassic PKSC Late November

3/ Something Sydney Metro - Ryde/Kurnell Late January

4/ 14' Regatta Koonawarra second weekend in February

5/ Lake Wallagoot March

6/ Tookley April

4 of 6 to count, A&B divisions Koonawarra Bay yardstick.

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NSW PTCA 2011 - 2012 State Pointscore Series (last year's PT attendance):

- NSW State Titles, Wagga Wagga Sailing Club, October 1,2 2011. (25)

- the Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club 14ft Cat regatta, October 8-9, 2011 (8)

- YMCA Sailing Club ACT Multihull Championships, October 22-23, 2011 (9)

- Port Kembla Sailing Club's Kembla Klassic, November 26-27, 2011 (9)

- Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club 14ft Cat Regatta, February 11-12, 2012 (4)

- Batemans Bay Sailing Club Anzac Regatta, April 21-22, 2012 (3)

2 local PTs entered the Wallagoot Lake Regatta.

I'd expect even more PTs to enter the 2011 Mannering Park regatta, as we'll have our Nationals there in January. Also expect more at 2012 Koonwarra 14' cat; we had our states there just 2 weeks before.

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Hi Sando,

Both Tony and I have been following the other thread anyway. As suggested, three of our planned events for the coming season are the same as the ones you have selected. As such, if any PT sailors want to compete in both the PT series AND the 14ft Cat Series, they could easily, especially with four events to count.

How are you planning to structure the A & B Divisions? Is is based on boat configuration or personal performance?


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Thanks Dave, I was thinking performance based similar to what you PT guys do. Purpose being to encourage new sailors in 14' cats to attend regattas and build classes. Their performance as such will most likely depend on the boa, sail and age of rig they sail - but still allow sailors with entry level boats to compete. Any suggestions you have are most appreciated.

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