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New Trapeze Harness ?


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Hi All,

I was looking at buying a basic Burke trap harness for around the $85 mark.

But after talking to a guy who sells Burke gear Im not sure it would be the way to go anymore.

It seems they (Burke) still havnt fixed the shoulder strap lock cam issue which was the case years ago.

So Im after any help re the newer spreader style harness either Ronstan, Gill etc . If it costs twice as much but actully works, it sounds a better option to me......Any ideas?

Im just getting back into sailing after 15 years, so thats why Im chasing a new harness and the Windrush 14 I bought came with an old and very small harness......Im just looking at social sailing for a start , and may get back into racing later......


Andrew S

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Go back to the 9/3/2011 on this forum , good thread on trapeze harness choice.

My crew had a Burke harness on a 14ft skiff we used to sail , his voice went higher every time wore it ( a bit hard on the tackle ).

Good luck with your choice.

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Also look on Sailing Anarchy (sailinganarchy.com) and have a search in the forums. there has been a lot of discussion about them there.

I quite like the Bethwaite connector - it uses a plastic ball going into a slot on the harness - removing the hook which can be quite dangerous - and destructive (as I discovered on a brand new Fireball with sapele ply decks after I crawled over the bow!).

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This post has probably petered out - but for what it's worth, I've been trying to find the Bethwaite Trapeze System here in Australia - apparently not available... which is disappointing.

I had an incident a few weeks ago where I fell off my W14 - hooked in - and couldn't release the spreader bar from the hook because of my own body-weight - basically stuck in the water behind the boat unable to unhook. Shark bait - Botany Bay. Haha - but not so funny if the boat had decided to capsize on top of me - which was on the cards...

NOTE: I'm just getting into trapezing again after some years off - and have found the options pretty ordinary.

So, consider this duo - the Flying Objects Transit Combo - which has a mid height hook - with a quick-release spreader bar - paired with the Neil Pryde High-Hook Buoyancy Vest.

This combo should give you some confidence in that you can reasonably extract yourself from the harness in an emergency situation, and yet gives flotation too - courtesy of the Neil Pryde vest.

Anyway, I'm gonna give that combo a go on my W14 Super Sloop next few weeks - I'll see if it works as anticipated...


Of course you can also use this for sailboarding - bonus... :)


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