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Looking for a Mosquito

Mark Dennis

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Hi. I'm looking to buy a Mosquito cat. I'm in Melbourne and am willing to travel as far afield as Brisbane or Adelaide for the right boat. I want to start racing a Mozzie next season being a dinghy sailor going over the the dark side (or some might say I'm coming to my senses). The right boat for me is a later built boat such as one with a sail number around 1600+ made of either ply or glass, just not too heavy. I'm primarily looking for a good value ready to race boat, but I've built a few ply dinghies and will also consider a mozzie that is a good foundation to build on and needs work to get it up to scratch.

So far I've looked at a few ply mozzies and some have been pretty sad and not worth fixing, but I know the odd good one pops up as I missed a good one that would have suited me on ebay a month or so ago. I know the Vic states are coming up soon at Lake Boga and I was going to try and get up there one day for a look. I'm hoping that once the states are over someone might consider parting with their current boat to start the savings account for a new boat for next season. If you have any leads I'd appreciate them as it's proving harder than I first thought to get a decent racing boat although I suspect patience will pay off in the long run...



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