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Inaugural Taipan 4.9 Worlds


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Monsoon Cup, a preliminary to The First Taipan 4.9 Worlds.

The venue.

Changi Sailing Club, Singapore was the host venue of the 2003 Monsoon Cup. The regatta comprised seven races over two days sailing in Malaysian waters in the mouth of the Johour River. The event attracted 14 Taipan Sloops and a nine assorted Nacras (mainly 5.0). The Taipan fleet had a few blow-ins from overseas competing on borrowed boats. These internationals were Bob Garner from Thailand, Jim Boyer, Mark Graham and myself from Australia.

The Changi Sailing club is a beautiful venue, tropical and picturesque it processes all the best features of a big sailing club. There are a number of villas, right on the water for the visiting sailor. There are restaurants, bars, swimming pools and facilities to die for. A strong fleet of very new boats represents the home of the Taipan in Singapore.

Singapore usually has only light winds, but in February, the sea breeze blows truly from the North East at 10 to 15 knots. The water is warm and there is plenty of sailing room, in tidal conditions. The lack of breeze for most of the year would appear to make the locals good in light air and lacking in technique in fresher breezes.

Alice Lim who is the local agent for Taipan in Singapore is doing amazing things with the boat in the region. Her enthusiasm, drive and business acumen has the boat booming. Alice and her skipper Scott McCOOL (stress Cool) are organizing learn to sail cat events. The final result; the participants buy a taipan. Scott and Alice worked hard to organize the Monsoon Cup, get boats for the visitors and make sure that things ran smoothly.

Alice arranged for me a lovely boat SING 253 and an even lovelier girl named Debra as crew. Jim scored some old banger about three weeks old, and a hot-shot crew (Christian) from Sweeden; woops I mean Finland.

The Racing.

The event worked on the fact the sailing area was about four kilometres from the club. So as not to waste time the opening race of each day was a passage race to the course area (upwind in light conditions both days). Heats two, three, five around six round the buoys and heat seven a running passage race back to the club.

Heat one. Very light 2 to 5 knots upwind into a fair chop and strong tidal flow, which varied from a hindrance to an aid. Scott and Alice won this race easily, local sailors were also second, Jim Boyer third. I thought that ScottÕs speed in the light was right up there with anything we see in Australia.

Heat Two. A little more wind, same result but we managed third. The tide really makes you think.

Heat Three. The wind was up to 10 knots and we managed to lead all the way, Scott and Alice second though.

Evening Time, drinks on the club veranda. The Tiger Beer was served with marinated BBQ chicken wings, salt and pepper squid. Warm evening, soft breeze; cold beer, lots of bullshit spoken and then out to a local restaurant for chilli mud crab. Yeah; not bad.

Heat Four, Day Two. Another long beat in light air to the course area, Scott and Alice again, Jim second. Heat Five and Six in 8 to 10 knots same result for Scott and Alice. Heat seven the long run home in 12 knots another big win for the locals.

The end result was that Alice and Scott were too good, Debra and I managed a hard fought second, Jim third. The wind was light but reasonable and the water was good but tidal. We all had such good fun, that we want to go back for a world tittle next year. The plan is to sail from Changi to the Indonesian Island of Bantam about 10km. All our gear can go the ferry or on the clubÕs large rescue boats. The water is more open and less tidal there, the accommodation, food and drink cheaper. Bantam sailing would be out of a tropical resort.

We can get up to 14 Taipans in a container; a container from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne goes for about $1500.00. Airfares return to Singapore from those cities about $900 adult economy. With AHPC help who will get a dozen new sloops over there, we can get sailors from Europe, the USA, Thailand and Australia to sail against the then twenty local boats.

Start thinking about going now; you will have to pack your boat up straight after the South Australian Nationals. It is going to happen, be part of it. The dates to remember February 14th to 21st 2004.

David Elliott

SING 253.

Posted by Rob Wilson.

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I think that's $1500 for the container but I'll check and if it's per boat I'll let you know in this thread.

King Anon

I've heard this on another forum. It's an interesting problem. I'll quote Chris Thompson.

[Don't want to be pedantic but the ISAF may have a major problem with

anyone calling it a "world championship" for a non-International or

Recognised class.

They pulled out the nasty stick on the Tasars. They would not allow the

class to keep calling the worlds "the world championship". Their threat?

They would ban EVERY SAILOR who raced in the event from EVER racing in

ANY ISAF events in the future.

Yep, their attitude sucks, but we can't change it. The "worlds" may

have to become an "international championship" if don't want to scare

off anyone who may ever want to do another ISAF regatta.

In the US there's a class that got around the problem by calling its

big regatta the "Intergalactics". Dunno if that still works.....]

We'll have to wait and see what happens. I'm not sure what the requirements are to qualify as an internationally recognised class so I'm not sure if the Taipan qualifies. Investigations into this possible problem are already under way. I'll keep you all posted.


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They pulled out the nasty stick on the Tasars. They would not allow the

class to keep calling the worlds "the world championship". Their threat?

They would ban EVERY SAILOR who raced in the event from EVER racing in

ANY ISAF events in the future.

I'm sorry but thats unfknbelieveable. I would be tempted to boycot ISAF events on these grounds alone. Hasnt anybody told them we are trying to build sailing as a sport, not tear it down.

Idiots like that are why I stopped sailing many years ago, and now that i am back, I refuse to put up with that kind of rubbish.

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Of course there has to be some regulation on what events can claim "Worlds" status! Feel free to hold whatever regattas you please- they all good for the sport (as long as you don't climb all over the backs of other classes on the way), but you can't call an event a Worlds unless you belong to an ISAF class which has international recognition or full international status. The governing body for our sport is trying to reserve world recognition for those who really have achieved results in a worldwide contest.

Is the current Queensland Caper Cat champion also the world champ? I think not.

If a world title is that easy to win, I'm gonna take up paper-clip flicking or nose-picking!

Check the ISAF site for requirements of international classes. Last time I looked there were only about 10 international catamaran classes. Taipan was not one of them.

Mal Gray

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I had feeling you might be supportive of the ISAF, I wonder if your views may be different if the tiger wasnt included as an ISAF class?

I conceed your point Mal, but its a pretty harsh threat to make to sailors over something as trivial as the name of a race, to be honest it screams of americanism.

The way I see it, there are taipans in europe, america, australia, aisia, etc, if they get a distribution of boats from accross the world, then it would be approriate to call it a world title??!! they might even get more boats than the last tiger worlds smile.gif

Should Glen Asby choose to conest the "event" i would sugest that picking your nose might be easier than beating him around the course smile.gif

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Hi Hood,

I understand the issues you have with ISAF. I think your post to Mal is a little below the belt and having the Tiger in as a ISAF class has nothing to do with anything.

ISAF is the governing body for sailing full stop. They make the rules and they will ban sailors from other ISAF events if they do break the rules.

This doesn't mean it is right however you will find it hard to have "world" class sailors attend and risk not being able to sail at "real" world titles.

Changing the name of the event works and quite a few classes do this now. We did this with the Magic 25's some years ago.

A tip for shipping is to make sure when you pack the boats up in Singapore for the trip back to Aus, make sure you don't have sand, soil or even a single blade of grass in the container. Customs and Quarantine will have a field day as we have found out. Our boats (Tigers, H16's etc) have been held up for more than two weeks and we have some major hassles to overcome.

Good luck with the event.

Steve Fields

Hobie Cat Australasia

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I wonder if the International Baseball Federadation (if there is such a body) has ever threatened to ban all baseballers that play in the World Series from ever playing in any baseball games run under its auspices.

The World Series of course including only US baseball teams. That's a farcical name for a competition if I've ever heard one.

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Mal = 1

Berthos = 1

*Hood votes for "Taipan planet earth titles"*

I fail to see how some "body" that I have never met, never joined, never paid any fees, never voted for, can prevent me from hosting the 1st ever windrush 12 world titles!!! damnit i really wanted that title too frown.gif

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Good name choice.....

.........ahh, Windrush 12's...better yet the Windrush 16 titles....now there's a challenge...

If you're a member of a yacht club, you may already be a memeber and not know it. Most yacht clubs pay fees to the AYF which in turn pay ISAF.



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Top suggestion for a name HooD!!

I'll pass it on to the powers that be in the Taipan organisation.

Any one else have a suggestion?

On the Taipan forum we've had the suggestions:

Global Championships

and Intergalactic Championships which was apparently used by a class in the US to get around this very problem.

BTW if you are interested in following this discussion at the Taipan forum you can find it at:


You need a yahoo account to sign in to read this group.

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Ok, I went and got a Yahoo account, and I will now be known as nacraphillia smile.gif how long till the mod lets me in??.

btw I used to read along the taipan forum, but then they chaged it so you had to join, and i just couldnt be bothered.

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This came in my mail today, and i couldnt help but hink of this thread smile.gif

Seventeen Boats confirmed for Sydney 38 One Design Intergalactic Titles

By Simon Reffold, Sun 14 Sep 2003

The inaugural Sydney 38 One Design Intergalactic Titles is shaping up to be a fantastic event this October Long Weekend. Hosted by the Peppers Anchorage at Port Stephens,on the NSW north coast, the Intergalactics will combine all that is good about Sydney 38 One Design racing - sensational competition on the race track and great fun for families and crews alike on shore....

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