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i just missed buying this cat any suggestions on where i could find one like it??

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So i just missed out on purchasing this cat. I t had a minute to go when i opened it up and i just couldnt bid in time.

I really want a blue water cruiser one day so thought something like this would be goos to rip around as a day sailor or warm night overnighter.

Does anyone have any suggestions of something like this ?



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This vessel is professional designed by world famous Richard Woods and custom built using the WEST system and completely covered in woven fibreglass cloth and Epoxy.

I sail regularly at 8 knots. I have had her to 11 knots but I then usually lose my nerve. We have sailed her in more extreme conditions in 2m high frequency swell in the gulf with 25knot winds gusting 30 and she handles it well. She is a dry boat especially when compared to some tri-marans.

She always draws attention wherever she goes, especially around popular beaches.

The new owner can build a central cuddy that can accomodate a double bed by night and a dinette by day. I could build it for you should you wish.

She has hard decks up to the mast then trampoline and then net.

She has room for a portable toilet as you can see in the pictures.

Daggerboards provides shallow draft and good sailing/pointing characteristics. Kick up rudders provide beaching/drying-out options

Mainsail (battened), Jib, Spinnaker and storm sail inluded as part of sail wardrobe.

She is a great young family boat and makes a fantastically stable boat at 3.95m wide. There is no bobbing around like an excited cork when at anchor. The hulls provide privacy as required. Our family of 4 has spent a week at a time on the boat sailing Gulf St Vincent in Adelaide.

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