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Speers Point ANZAC day regatta Mari fleet?


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I'll be there and usually those nice gents Mr Humungus and Mr Korwich will too, they've attended for the last three or four that I've been there.

With a little luck the weather will allow me to provide Mr Humungus with another goodly thrashing but since he's had his hips done that might not happen.

Also the good Mr Pfeffer has attended in the past too - maybe he'll be testing out one of the new Windrush high top sails!

Was wondering where you were off to this afternoon Darcy - maybe if I get the stuff under the house fixed up I'll be able to come too. This house, which has stood on two blocks over the last 70 some years has never been tied down to the piering but now, since we bought it and had it put on our block we have to have chains to hold it down - as if a big wind is going to come and try to lift the whole place off the piers! If one does come it'll probably blow the house over leaving the bearers chained to the pillars and the rest of the house strewn up the hill. Bureaucracy eh!


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