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Mk1 Maricat on trailer for sale


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Hi All,

I have a Mk 1 maricat sail no. 896 for sale. It is complete except for trampoline and has a broken bow casting and a broken side casting. Im not sure about the condition of the hulls, they do need a couple of small repairs but overall they look ok to me but i dont have much experience in these things, they would need a paint as the previous owner painted them multi colours??? I have sanded the bottom of 1 hull back and painted it white so i could inspect it better. All of the rigging and sails looks good to me and has rigging for jib or no jib. The trailer is in pretty good condition but has no lights or rego, trailer has a sail box bolted to it in good cond. $250 ono

Was planning the usual thing, doing it up and getting it on the water for next summer, although lack of experience and figured if i dont have time to fix it im not going to have time to sail it. So its gotta go.

Any questions dont hesitate to ask.



Mob 0466 318951

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