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Looking to buy maricat 4.3, any tips?


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I guess it depends on where you are but here in NSW Lake Mac area that money should buy you a Mk2 Mari on a good (and registered) trailer, like Darcy says the tramp should be new or very near new. I think I'd expect to see at least a racing type cat rig sail. Rigging should be in good condition as should the dolphin striker.

As a guide - tramp $250 or up, shrouds and forestays (cat rigged) $80 plus $30 for the big shackle (if yours needs replacing) striker cable $30 including two of the small high strength shackles (supply your own turnbuckle).

I'd expect the hulls to be in very good condition without the deep scratches at the bottom of the banana shape (where it's been (or not been) dragged along the beach). I'd also expect the rudders to be in good shape (and no big bubbles where the fibreglass has separated from the foam core). I'd also expect them to be set up for racing, ie they tuck underneath the boat (about 25mm in front of the centreline of the pintles).

If you don't see any of this then I'd be inclined to offer $500 and then do the rest yourself.

If you get a foam sandwich model then you really have a bargain but I don't think that's likely.

If you look around this site you'll see someone who (just recently) bought one for $300. I bought mine for $600 (with new tramp, unregistered trailer but with perfect hulls, no scratches).


PS there have been examples, one passed through Darcy's hands a couple of years ago - had been bought new, sailed a couple of times then kept in a shed, was near perfect condition, cost was a bit more than this though but they do exist.

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