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Well we had our presentation night on Saturday night so now we can release the results!!!

Was a great evening thanks to all that contributed even if your contribution was just attending!

16sq results:

John Peatling 23 points

Colin Bronnocks 18 points

Brad Taylor 17 points

Andrew Pope 7 points

Mark Colecliffe 7 points

Open Yardstick

Helen Minards (windrush 14) 40

Mark Wallis (5.8) 37

John Peatling (16sq) 27

Cameron waters (5.8) 24

Collin Bronnocks (16sq) 19

Brad Taylor (16sq) 18

Andrew Pope (16q) 7

Mark Colecliffe (16sq) 7

Very tight raicing throughout 1st and 3rd came down to the last race.

going to be a great season next year!!

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