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keep it or bin it?


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Hi all,the fibreglass on the transom of my 4.0 mari has cracked where the rudder brackets are bolted to it.[purchased like this,one side only,previous owner doused with silicon]ive sailed her a few times but would really like to get it fixed.has anybody done this job?from my understanding i would need to cut out transom,put a new plate behind and reglass.

I also require a new steering arm for one side[my friend fell off and landed on it!]anybody got one of these for sale??

looking forward to joining and sailing out of oak flats this year[lake illawarra]

kind regards



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Hi Jeremy, give Darcy a call he will save you pain and money! Good to see another 14' Cat returning to a club on Lake Illawarra. My name is Tony and I'm the Small Cat delegate for Port Kembla Sailing Club at Berkeley. We have a fleet of about 10 cats under 15' (4 Mari's, 6 Windrush 14's and a Nacra 14sq). We sail Saturday afternoons, while Oak Flats sails on Sundays. Our short course and handicapping system is designed to attract both the novice sailor and those that have older/non competitive boats. Happy to talk anything sailing on this forum or email me at: treasurer@pksc.com.au

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my understanding is:

i) cut inspection ports into the rear deck (bcf sell covers for about $10 each) you set them in Sikaflex.

ii) remove the aluminium strip that's causing your problems (expands when it corrodes and splits the transom)

iii) talk to Darcy because I've not had to do the rest (but probably will have to sometime)

I know Darc has new and used tillers because I'm using one now!

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